Cold cathode or neon lighting as it is commonly known, was developed over 70 years ago, and today is used extensively in both architectural lighting and signage applications.

Each cold cathode lamp is hand-made and can be sized and shaped to conform to virtually any architectural space. Cold Cathode offer numerous advantages over conventional light sources and the continued research and development on cold cathode componentry means that the end user benefits from a product designed to never lose its appeal and last a lifetime. Some of the benefits of cold cathode lighting include:

  • Dimming capabilities contribute to energy savings and increased lamp life.
  • Creates the appearance of continuous illumination with no dark spots. (Lamps can be butted end-to-end, eliminating dark socket shadows.)
  • Lamp ignitation is instantaneous and flicker free.
  • Choose from a truly impressive colour palette
  • Use for bright illumination or for a subtle, soft glow.
  • Create dramatic special effects with colour changing or dimming, flashing and brightening units.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of commercially available lighting control systems. (Important to consider when specifying products for presentation rooms, theaters, corporate companies and restaurants)
  • Concealed light source with silent operation. (Power supplies can be stored in remote areas -wide variety of power supplies to choose from)
  • Highly flexible and can be adapted to unusual shapes and different sizes.
  • Concealed light source that provides a neat finish, with a clean fit.
  • Can be used as a primary light source (use double tubes for brighter illumination)
  • Use less electronic convertors and illuminate a larger area with cold cathode. (Unlike fluorescent lighting that cannot operate over 1.5m on a single ballast, the electronic convertors for cold cathode lighting can run up to 4m of glass offering greater cost savings,)