NGS first opened its doors in Johannesburg in 1994 as a transformer manufacturing company and glass manufacturing facility and was called Neon Supplies.

Supplying to the trade only, a staff compliment of only 6 managed all aspects of the business. Changes in global markets and advances in transformer manufacture technologies resulted in the termination of locally manufactured transformers. NGS management realized the importance of leading with technology and secured the agency for an Italian based company, Tecnolux®.
As the sole agent for Technolux® in Southern Africa, NGS was now in a position to offer lead free neon glass, accessories, electronic transformers and the latest technology, water-resistant, resin block transformers. The expansion of their product portfolio with quality, international componentry from a formidable manufacturer like Technolux® resulted in rapid growth and NGS quickly established itself as the leader in its chosen field. Their staff compliment grew to around 50 towards the end of 2009.

By 2002 management's vision for further expansion called for a name change. The name Neon Supplies was changed to the current name NGS (Neon and Graphic Supplies). The NGS corporate identity suited their business strategy and the future growth plans that were already underway.
NGS purchased the first automated, aluminum letter bending system in Africa in 2003. The NGS Letter Bending System streamlined the production environment and allowed for an even larger product range. NGS now offered custom manufactured channel letter signage, manufactured with tremendous accuracy at lighting fast speeds. The channel letter manufacturing facility soon evolved into a specialized division within the business and by 2009 the "CHANNEL LETTER FACTORY" was born. Renewed marketing efforts resulted in an increase in awareness in the industry for this type of signage. By late 2011 the demand for channel letter signage was still on the rise and in keeping with their ethos of being the market leaders, another capital technology investment was made. Their newest addition channel letter bender affords them even greater flexibility with regards to letter sizes, finishes and all new beadingless letters.

Today, NGS is still the leading supplier of everything "neon"... from glass and componentry, accessories and transformers and they have anexcellent reputation as a manufacturer of  channel letter signage and architectural lighting.


To be a leading neon (Cold Cathode) solutions provider to the signage industry maintain a high standard with the manufacturing of high quality signs with the use of the NGS aluminium letter bending system, with a strong focus on providing cutting edge technology that streamlines business growth and adds value to its customers overall business.