Cove lighting is indirect lighting which is built into walls, ceilings, ledges or valences.

It directs light up towards the ceiling and/or down the adjacent walls providing a soft even illumination. Cove lights can be used as primary lighting for the area or just as accents, depending on the desired outcome.

Cove lighting can also be installed beneath a lip facing inwards from a wall, which will then shine directly onto the ceiling. This effect can be used to surround the perimeter of a room or just accent selected areas. When installed in a lip facing downwards from the ceiling, cove lighting can also be used to shine directly onto the wall and accent a piece or art or decorative elements.

An increasingly popular trend is to accentuate cabinets with stylish cove lights installed underneath the countertops. Suitable for bars, restaurants, kitchens, vanities and restroom areas.

Cove lighting is highly visible and can also be used in shop-fitting applications where it draws attention to shelving, displays, or furniture.