Why just illuminate, when you can create a dramatic statement with architectural lighting.


Dimming capability available on all types of lighting systems supplied by NGS. The level to which lighting system will dim is user specified and customized per project.

The dimming capabilites of cold cathode is not just an aesthetic feature, but can be used to contribute to energy savings.

To read more on energy savings go to SAFETY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY WITH COLD CATHODE


Ballast operated cold cathode systems allow us to take special effects lighting into the future.

Individual lamps can be programmed to turn on at any time in a predetermined sequence, fade at intervals, dim, pulsate or flash in any sequence imaginable.

Unlike conventional lighting, flashing and dimming will not affect lamp life.


The focus on intensity, colour and form is the foundation of effective lighting design.

The growth of digital control systems has added a whole new dimension in lighting and their use to vary intensity and colour of light which effect ambience, is an essential tool. NGS offer a variety of digital control solutions to create architectural lighting with stunning special effects. Moods change in a second, so why should your lighting not follow suit? Colour changing effects can be applied to cove lighting, under counter lighting or even under floor applications.

Different colour changes can be applied or alternatively subtle changes in intensity only.